We have been very busy

We have been very busy of late with insured vessel deliveries.

One delivery of interest was a home built barge called Lyneve which was 20M long and needed to go from Goole on the River Humber to France. The trip was around 280 miles right down the North Sea and over the English Channel to Calais all in one go.

Good weather (yes) :-

but more important – Good Planning. Check the video below…

2 responses on “We have been very busy

  1. Colin

    Brilliant video, nice pics, having read your posts, I would have no hesitation in asking for your help if needed in future. I’m on the GU, have tried twice to get our boat down to Thames but due to health reasons have had to give up.

    I also would love to get our boat over to Calais up to Belgium and back on the canals there.

    I done this 20 years ago exploring the canals, one day one day, but would need our boat taken over once over there I and my wife will be okay

    1. Keith Willard

      Sorry about the late reply – all I can say is if you need to get your dream it only takes a phone call to me to start you on your way….
      Regards Keith