Our engineers are well equipped to carry out all repairs and routine maintenance to make sure that when called for, equipment onboard does exactly what it was designed to do. There is nothing worse than an engine failing just because the fuel tanks were not cleaned properly or all the filters not changed just to save time. All our engineers are time served at sea and fully realize how important the small details are. We use engineers on all our deliveries. In 42 years of deliveries to date we have always delivered. We may stop a delivery part way to make sure that all is well under the bonnet. With today’s high revving engines the correct lubricant is ever more important and it is good to know the man, or woman, who carried out the last oil and filter change knew their stuff.

We employ some of the best welders on fabrication work usually to clients specification, and if your vessel is too far for us to travel we know how to find the best in your area. We mainly specialize in Dutch barges and coasters, but we are equally at home working on fabrication of stainless fittings for fiberglass yachts and cruisers.

Another string to our bow is electronics, having two British radio hams on staff take care of all the loose wires and connections making sure that with NMEA all equipment talks in the same language.